Is It Compulsory For Beginner To Follow The Manual For Multimeditation?

The answer is yes. When you start your first step, your parents guide you. When you reach school, you teacher guides you. In the case of any job you perform, industry gives you on of the job training and a mentor to guide it. All the above points prove that you need someone in your life to guide you and become a master in that field.


Procedure of meditation for the beginners

  1. Think about a pleasant space in your house where you feel comfortable. It should be noise free. Think about your comfortable pose. Is it sitting or lying down? You can opt for meditation chair and meditation mat based on your choice? Many online sites provided furniture for multimeditation as their demands are increasing day by day. It is an important decision so one needs to think about it very precisely and carefully.
  2. Close your eyes if you are performing multi-meditation at home alone. If you want to exercise it in an online session, many sites like com provide you with the online course which you can opt for and pay for it via online payment mode. In online method they will give you some visual, you just need to visualize the same.
  3. In the case of both online and offline mode for Multi-meditation, you need to keep your breath in normal condition. Try to concentrate on your breath, movement of your body while breathing, observe your movement of the chest and other parts of your body. do not try to control the pace and intensity of inhaling and exhale, you are doing. Do not think about anything else for 10-15 minutes.

This exercise will give enough refreshing experience with lots of energy to fight with your depression.