Welcome Wengie – the Princess of Cool Hacks

During our school days, we all wanted some kind of short-cuts or hacks to make our lives easy. Well…what if we could not get them at that time? With these back to school hacks, your life will be pretty easier. Let us get started.

Essay hacks

Let us first talk about some essay hacks. These hacks can be applied to any sort of composition.

  • If you need to shorten the word count of your essay, add a hyphen between two words to make it a connecting word.
  • Increase the font size of the full stop to make your essay look long.
  • In your composition, if you are confused between the words ‘effect’ and ‘affect’, go with the word ‘impact’. It will serve the purpose.

life kack with wengie

  • If you want to give a citation but you don’t remember the page number, visit google books and type in the citation. The page number will be displayed. It is far better than spending a lot of time manually searching for it.
  • If, after writing a long essay, you are really tired and you are not in the mood of proofreading it, simply use the speech function “start speaking”. Lay back on your chair, close your eyes and listen to the essay being read.
  • For finding synonyms and antonyms of the verbs and adjectives which you have used in your essay, visit word hippo. It will give you a lot of alternatives to choose from so that your essay looks as exciting as your ideas.

Math hacks

Now, it’s time to move to some cool math hacks. You are in for a pleasant surprise.

  • If you fear equations and graphs related to those, take help from wolfram Alpha. You will be amazed to see how easily the equations have been solved and the graphs have been plotted.
  • An easy way of remembering the value of pi (π) is to remember the sentence, “Can I have a large container of coffee?” The alphabets present in each word corresponds to the value, so, the value of π is 3.1415926. Quiet convenient, isn’t it?

This is not all. For more such tricks, visit www.youtube.com/wengie.