Zehenbesten: Offer the best services of the drilling machine

Zehenbesten is the conventional form of drilling machines that are considered sufficient for doing of simple kind of manual work in the private sector. If you are planning to work on pieces that are medium sized, then, in that case, one should prefer to use table drilling machines. Zehenbesten comes up with the materials that are screwed in a tight manner that helps in eliminating errors and getting relief from all the arms. Zehenbesten set the drill with the nearest millimetres.

The best part of about Zehenbesten is that these machines are highly available at an affordable cost. There are 10 main products related to the bench drilling machine:

Quantum B14/230 V test

This model has a weight of 24 Kg and is very stable.  It is a very simple kind of set up. The main features of these machines are:

Total weight of the machine is

  • 24 Kg weight
  • Power has 350 watts
  • There are five levels in the machine
  • Distance between table and spindle is 330 m


Another machine is Proxxon 28124 TBH Test

  • Works perfectly in the test of bench drilling.
  • Installation of 3 pulley
  • The power of engine is 200 watts
  • High speed
  • Three levels of intensity
  • Good workmanship

Bernardo KF 10 Bernardo drilling and milling machine test

  • Power engine with 150 Watts
  • The head of drilling is rotatable in nature
  • Scaling of the drilling depth
  • Weight of the machine is 40 Kg
  • Very much suitable for the steel.

Are Apart from these machines, there are many another type of drilling machines are available as per the need and requirement of the customer. At http://zehnbesten.com, one can get information about various other forms of machines and procedures of making use of the drilling machines in the best possible to get 100% result at an affordable cost.